2005 Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert 10/15/05 Night 2

Eric Singer Benefit Shows

Finally have a few minutes to stop and thank everyone involved in last week's Hurricane benefits here in INDY. The shows were great and we ended up raising $4000.00 for the Red Cross and $1000.00 for the Humane Society!!

Thanks to the following for making these donations possible: Southwest Airlines, Enterprise Car Rental, Holiday Inn of Fishers, Holiday Inn 465/Emerson, Jonas Productions, Don & Simon Barr Sinister, Ace Cosby & Q95, Birdy's Bar & Grill, Marriott Hotels, KISSMuseum, KISSAsylum, KISSonline, KISS4sale, KISSarmywarehouse, Clear Channel, Mailboxes Etc, Smith Sound, Jim Breeding, Mike & Charlotte, Michelle Leroux, Joshua Leroux, Alyssa Leroux, Michelle & Steve Stierwalt, Mike Dillion, Missi Kadison, Peter Arquette, Joan & Bob Brenner/Brenner Luggage, Gene Hall and all the fans who attended or donated to these events.

A special thank you to Bruce Kulick, who really wanted to be part of the events even though he could not attend. He allowed the band to use his personal guitars for the shows and he also got ESP Guitars to donate a guitar. The guitar and other items were raffled off for a dollar a chance. My kids decided they wanted to help the displaced animals in New Orleans and being an animal lover Bruce agreed. With the raffle and sales of some donated $1 items - we raised the $1000 for the Humane Society!!

Last a huge thank you to Eric Singer, Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson and Chuck Garric!! From the moment I asked them to do these events, they were 100% supportive. The guys told me they wanted to do more than just write a check, they wanted to donate their time. What most of you don't know is the guys had a chance to spend three days off in Las Vegas with family and friends and instead played these shows! They even donated money from the sales of their 8 x 10's to the Red Cross and Ryan donated a suit case full of baby clothes.

The events were a lot of work but very rewarding for all involved. It was great how so many people came together and just donated either their services, merchandise, time or money with no questions asked! I am proud to know everyone of you involved in the events and you should be proud to have been willing to be involved!

Pictures by Ted Wilson